Chief Instructors Council (CIC)

The Chief Instructors Council of Seibukan USA was established for the purpose of perpetuating the true teachings of the Shimabukuro family. The Chief Instructors Council has the responsibility of advising Dan Smith in the leadership, motivation and development of the members and dojo of Seibukan USA. The authority by which the Chief Instructors Council is created is by Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro, President of the International Okinawan Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate-Do Association. The authority to appointment members to the Seibukan USA Chief Instructors Council is vested to Dan Smith by Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro.

Sensei Dan Smith, Hanshi Kudan &
Chief Instructor

Sensei Alan Smith, Renshi Rokudan, President SUSA

Sensei Chris Schultz, Renshi Rokudan, VP SUSA

Sensei Biljac Burnside, Renshi Rokudan
Sensei Keith Parker, Renshi Rokudan

Sensei Joanna Burnside, Godan

Sensei Charles Ray, Godan

Sensei Regan Salamander, Godan

2016 Seibukan National Training.   Chief Instructors pictured,(L-R) Alan Smith, Biljac Burnside, Chris Schultz, Keith Parker, Joanna Burnside, Charles Ray, and newly appointed to the Council as of June 2016, Regan Salamander