Seibukan USA Video Seminar Series

The Seibukan USA Video Seminar Series (SUSA VSS) started in July, 2020 and contains video produced from bi-weekly Training Sessions conducted by Hanshi Dan Smith.  Sessions contain exclusive video of Hanshi Shimabukuro and Sensei Zenshun along with detailed instruction and applications from Sensei Dan Smith.  New Sessions continue to be produced and distributed on a bi-weekly basis to Subscribers.

This is a great venue to learn the fine details and applications of Seibukan Shorin Ryu and improve your technique.

As a SUSA VSS Subscriber, you are also eligible for 1 free private Zoom Session per month with Hanshi Dan Smith.  This 1-on-1 instruction has proven to be very valuable.

Become a Subscriber today and start enjoying access to extensive video content along with Private instruction with Hanshi Dan Smith.

·       Become a SUSA Video Seminar Series Subscriber: $48/month - includes access to all new and previous video content.  Video content will be accessed through our Private Facebook Group.  Upon sign up you will receive an invitation to join our Private Facebook Group.  Click this link to become a monthly Subscriber:  Click here to become a monthly subscriber